We've done the research, So you don't have to.

Du Val Private Office is a global real estate platform connecting investors with investment grade residential property from around the world. Give your network of investors access to economies of scale and institutional grade data from around the globe.

Working with some of the world's largest residential property developers, our business model leverages the power of our Channel Partner network. We promote our exclusively mandated projects to our Channel Partners from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. By leveraging the economies of scale of our network we can provide Channel Partners with access to opportunities not typically available outside of large property agencies. We currently have a pipeline in excess of 20,000 apartments from our core markets, consisting of residential investment grade assets to be sold as individual buy-to-let, en bloc sales, forward fund opportunities and forward sale opportunities.

Democratising Data

Our mission as a business is to democratize access to residential real estate information for all. A truly transparent market creates better more informed decision making, greater transaction efficiency and better outcomes for investors and housing markets around the world.

The Power of the Collective

Together with market access, the economies of scale we create give our Channel Partners access to pricing and market opportunities which are typically not available to smaller agencies and market participants.

Research and Due Diligence

Our dedicated Business Development professionals; prepare detailed due diligence, research and information packs for each of our projects. Providing our Channel Partners with all of the information they require to present investment opportunities to their customers.

Transparent Fee Sharing

We have clear and transparent fees structures. Our fee sharing is based on the number of exchanged contracts by our Channel Partner and are as follows:

Residential Transactions
No of Transactions Fee Split to Channel Partner
Deals 1 – 5 70%
Deals 6 – 10 75%
Deals 11 + 80%

Fee splits are for the life of the agreement and do not reset annually.

En Bloc, Forward Sale and Forward Fund Transactions

Fees are split 50/50.

In both scenarios, our fees are exclusive of local taxes and we remit fees to Channel Partners within 7 days of receipt of funds from our client.

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